Research indicates that brain development occurs in phases through certain windows of opportunity or sensitive periods. But there are also certain parts of the brain that develop quicker than the others. The fact remains that children are at their most observant when they are young. This is also the best time to begin teaching them the basic concepts of AI, Robotics and other smart technology that are predicted to stand out in the near future.

Here is a glimpse into the top 10 best coding platforms for your child to be future ready.

1. TopCoder

TopCoder is priced across 7 different modules, at least where the admin fee can range anywhere between $10 to $40 and the minimum costs is between $60 and $240.

The platform does not have a friendly reputation and lacks coverage across behavioral skills. Due to its competitive environment, TopCoder only attracts those who already have some proficiency in coding.

2. Coderbyte

Pricing is broadly divided into Subscription and One-Time Payments. You can get a monthly subscription of about $35 and an annual subscription of $150. Both these plans can be canceled at any time. One-Time payments can be made for 14 days or 90 days costing $29 and $79, respectively. The one-time plans need not be canceled.

According to Capterra one week is too short a trial time to detect software weaknesses. Besides, it does not include personality and candidate management in its pre-employment testing. Capterra is also unhappy with the UX Choices of the courses.

3. Project Euler

Project Euler does not charge anything and is free to register. It encourages skill development through high-quality problems that are well-written and interesting.

Unfortunately, in spite of high participation rates, the number of problems solved does not come with any credibility. You could have aced several problems by simply googling the answers.

4. HackerRank

5. DIYA Labs

The pricing varies between Rs. 1,500 for the group-based workshop which last about 2 weeks and north of Rs. 2,500 for the 121 personalized programs, with dedicated professional student success mentor. The program includes 1 live and 1 recorded session every week followed by a capstone project being completed at the end of the module. The ideal choice for a practical approach towards a long term domain experience oriented learning.

6. CodeChef


8. Codewars

9. LeetCode

10. SPOJ

Exploring the technologies during COVID-19 to make sure your child is future-ready!

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